After studying industral design and theatre design, I started working as a software engineer in 1995. At the time this shift seemed to be an act of schizophreny, but it all started to make sense when I was given the opportunity to work at the media lab of V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media in 2001. For 5 years I worked there with great passion on a number of international collaborative art and research projects concerning interconnected multi-user environments, non-linear storytelling, 2D and 3D graphics, and developed an expertise in immersive and virtual reality environments. These include DataCloud 2 and 2.5, Amicitia, nybble-engine-toolZ, playList, GATC/life, taxi-onomy and The Mechanics of Emotions.

In 2006 I started to work at the R&D department of Almende where I worked with computer scientists on projects concerning self-organization, artificial intelligence and wireless sensor networks. At the same time I kept working on art projects and was involved in organizing/curating lectures, workshops and seminars about perception, immersive environments and mixed realities.

In november 2006, I got involved with the virtual world Second Life, and started exploring the potential of the platform as the avatar Evo Szuyuan. Initially drawn to the Second Life platform as a cheap means for protopying, I soon got involved in other ways as I was learning about places, people and projects that used the platform in interesting and innovative ways. In Second Life I started organizing and curating Dorkbot sessions, and in order to show the more interesting projects in this virtual world to a wider audience I started to document these using the so-called machinima technique. These videos were screened at the Rome Filmfest, nominated for several categories at the European Machinima Festival, and received with such enthousiasm, that I soon got overwhelmed with requests for them.

In 2008 I left Almende and founded Creative Machinery, to be able to do the machinimatography for the project Fly me / Volavola", for which 2 featurelength movies are made. One entirely shot in a virtual world, and the second in a mixed reality setup shot both in Second Life, and in Rome.
Around the end of 2008 I started to work part time at CrossLab, the cross media lab of the Willem de Kooning arts academy. I'm also proud to be a member of Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, Not Possible in Real Life, and the Odyssey Art and Performance simulator.

Me in Fireflies on the Water
Me in "Fireflies on the Water"

A short story about the evolution of the above image.
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